Poor Unfortunate Souls (Deleted Lyrics)

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Poor Unfortunate Souls (Deleted Lyrics)
From "The Little Mermaid"

Come on, I know you need a little magic 
And magic is my specialty du jour 
Don't just stand there looking sick 
Would I kid you? Play a trick?
Like I told you, I don't do that anymore  
So I think you ought to take my little bargain 
Yes, I think you ought to make my little deal 
Sure, it's hard to leave your life 
But you could be a prince's wife 
Why don't you let me take that dream and make it real?  
Come on, you poor unfortunate soul 
Poor child! Poor fish! 
Aren't you glad you brought your problem 
To a lady you can trust? 
Won't you let me grant your wish?  
You poor unfortunate soul 
Poor sweet! Poor dear! 
Aren't you lucky that I'm ready 
With a potion and a plan? 
Aren't you glad you came and asked 
If I could help you? 
And I can 
When a mermaid comes to Ursula 
She always gets her man 
You poor unfortunate soul